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    Custom Development &
    Custom Web Design

    Custom development means development of solutions that are distinct from commercial ready-made templates or systems By custom development we either create new applications from scratch based on your business requirements.

    When every minor detail of the development is customized, you project lasts a while. With no technical limitations, they become more secure and faster. Hence, more rigorous and cost worthy.

    One of the major advantages you get with custom development is reliability and an efficient technical support plan. You'll have all access to a technical support team who worked with the development process of your solution, giving an efficient solution to any problems you encounter.

    Custom software plays a major part in your company's growth and efficiency. Business operations can be complicated and every company has different needs and issues. The countless benefits of custom software development include integration, personalization, and cost effectiveness. It's just simply much better to design and develop tailor-made products than to go off-the-shelf.

    GO international development cycle includes:

    • Client Objectives
    • Available Resources
    • Idea Generation
    • Layout, Usability and Functionality
    • Project Mapping + Structure
    • Demo Corrections
    • Detailed Enhancements
    • Project Development
    • Testing
    • Quality Assurance
    • Deployment
    • Support and Promotion

    Core Business Web Based Apps

    With exceptional similarity to websites, web-based applications can be opened over a network connection using a URL. They operate on any web browser. Most of the operations are performed over the internet on an external server. Web-based applications can completely decline costs due to less support and maintenance.

    Web based applications require only to be setup on the server placing less requirements on the end user workstation. This makes maintaining and updating the system easier as typically it can all be updated on the server. Client updates can be deployed through the web server at relative ease.

    A few web based directions we have expertise:

    • Intranet and Extranet
    • Web Application Interfaces
    • Web Portals
    • Social Network Applications
    • Custom Product Catalogs
    • Reservation Systems
    • Customer Relationship Management, and many more

    Mobile Design & Development

    The mobile innovation will have electrified more than 5 billion people till 2019. Smartphones have become the perfect companions of consumers to shop, navigate, eat and pay. At GO-Gulf we aim to provide the best mobile application design and development services worldwide.

    From an abstract thought we intend to strategize, design, and develop the work with close collaboration with clients. That’s because client satisfaction comes first for us.

    Some of the major benefits of mobile developments are integration of mobile user, amplifying learner engagement, and lastly future proofing training content.

    At GO-Gulf, we offer three types of mobile app development services: Web Apps, Native Apps and Hybrid.

    • Business Analysis & Consulting
    • User Experience Testing
    • Information architecture
    • SEO & Web Analytics
    • Logos, stationery design, and many more

    Web Apps

    Web Apps targets to the audiences of several platforms from one single application. A typical web app requires a browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to work. Entirely, suits an older target market.

    Some of the benefits of web apps are: Almost no physical down time (install, download and manage), web based software compatibility, and fully extensible.

    Why Web apps?

    • Intranet and Extranet
    • Web Application Interfaces
    • Web Portals
    • Social Network Applications
    • Custom Product Catalogs
    • Reservation Systems
    • Customer Relationship Management, and many more

    Native App Development

    Creating a mobile application has become a big priority for many organizations, however it’s usually challenging to select a development approach as the lines between the different options are becoming increasingly blurred.

    With Native Applications; few benefits are: quality and best performance, secure, more interactive and intuitive, assisting developers to access the full feature set of devices and fewer bugs during development

    Why Native Apps?

    • Take storage space on user device
    • Broad functionalities using the device capabilities
    • Fast and responsive software performance
    • Encourages more user engagement
    • Gain user attention through push notifications
    • Suitable for any future extension
    • Quality assurance through app store ratings
    • Take advantage of new Apple and Android features

    Hybrid App Development

    If you want to give your customers a hybrid application experience online, means app is developed for once and then deployed on multiple device types. The benefits of hybrid applications are enhancing user experience, availability, speed and ease of integration.

    Why Hybrid Apps?

    • Can store locally but on server side
    • Can be distributed via app stores or search engines
    • Same user experience as of native app
    • Faster and low cost than native apps
    • Don’t need a web browser; instead run in a simplified
    • Browser within the app
    • Faster to deploy multiple times across multiple platforms
    • Full use of device features makes maintenance easier
    • Great for expansion and testing new features

    Content Management Platforms

    GO-Gulf team has expertise on various types of content management platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel. Depending on your business needs.

    Some of the key advantages to content management platforms are: It is easy for the non-technical mind, it allows for multiple users, streaming line schedules, improves site maintenance, helps change design and manages content.

    Why Native Apps?

    • Helps you easily manage whole website content from the comfort of your desk
    • Extendable functionality, through large number of plugins and extensions
    • Simple and easy to use, technical know-how isn’t required
    • Reduces unnecessary costs and time for simple site updates
    • Control what users can see and publish content in real-time

    Performance Optimization

    The procedure of creating your web page as impressive as possible by streamlining content and conforming a sever to load your website pages at much quicker speeds.

    Our professionals monitors and evaluates the performance issues from a server point of view and the client end to analyze ways to enhance the functioning site.

    Few of the huge advantages of performance optimization are: Compliance assurance, increased access to reliable information, performance monitoring capabilities, and reduction in wastefulness.

    Below is a list of features utilized for an optimized performance:

    • Making fewer HTTP requests
    • File compression for improving site responsiveness
    • Leveraging the browser cache
    • Minimize code using code minification
    • Reduce image sizes while maintaining quality
    • Adopt cloud-based website monitoring
    • Setting up of SSL certificate/ HTTPS
    • Database optimization by creating indexes for faster access

    Security and Hosting

    Secure hosting is important to fight against viruses and unethical systems to make sure your website works smoothly. GO-Gulf monitors the clients that their website does not include bad data and the server is up and running without delay.

    Some of the advantages for security and hosting comprises: bringing down your operating cost, their is no need for extra support staff, server monitoring, and support anytime and anywhere, and lastly, progress is always typically backed up.

    Why Native Apps?

    • "99% up-time and uninterrupted email services
    • 24/7 monitoring with high-speed access to all internet up-links
    • Control panel with user-friendly applications
    • Secure email access from anywhere using POP/SMTP/IMAP or webmail
    • CSF/IP table based firewall technology

    Any queries? We are eager to boost your profit!