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    The State of Employee Retention – Statistics and Trends

    December 27, 2018

    Did you know that around 1/3rd of employees quit within the first 6 months of a new job where as 35% of employees begin making plans to leave if they do not get a pay raise within 12 months. Check out our new infographic on “The State of Employee Retention” for latest Statistics and Trends.

    The State of Employee Retention - Statistics and Trends

    Infographic by GO-Gulf Web Design Company Qatar

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    Employees who are “engaged and thriving” are 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months

    41% of employees listed job security as a top retention driver

    Strong management transparency leads to 30% better employee retention

    Nearly four out of five (78%) of business leaders rank employee retention as important or urgent

    32% of employers say they expect employees to job-hop

    47% of businesses surveyed said there were few or no qualified candidates for the jobs they were trying to fill

    Two-thirds of workers say they accepted a job offer only to realize later that the company was a bad fit

    63% of employers say they feel they have to pay workers more because the market is getting more competitive for talent

    48% of hiring decision makers note salary and compensation is the most influential factor for a candidate decision on where to work

    50% of employees say that are planning to stay at their current company for two years or less

    50% of employees who say they love their current jobs would still leave for a new opportunity if given the chance

    50% of referred employees stayed in their positions five years on average

    47% of employers report that they have had to replace more than 20% of their workforce during the past 12 months

    73% of organizations revamp their onboarding to improve their employee retention

    One third (33 percent) of employees knew whether they would stay with their company long-term after their first week

    Employee Turnover by Industry

    Industry %age
    All Industries 17.8%
    Banking & Finance 18.1%
    Healthcare 19.9%
    Hospitality 28.6%
    Insurance 12.2%
    Manufacturing & Distribution 16.0%
    Not for Profit 15.7%
    Services 16.8%
    Utilities 8.8%


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