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    The State of Online Payment Methods in Middle East [Infographic]

    December 27, 2018

    Did you know that the volume of online payments in Arab world is estimated to reach US$69 billion by 2020. UAE has the highest consumer acceptance of 71% to pay online by country followed by KSA (58%), Qatar (54%) and Kuwait (53%). Check out our infographic “The State of Online Payment in Middle East” for latest statistics and trends.

    The State of online payment methods in Middle East

    Infographics by GO-Gulf Web design Qatar

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    Consumer Acceptance to pay online by Country

    Country %age
    UAE 71%
    KSA 58%
    Egypt 51%
    Kuwait 53%
    Lebanon 49%
    Jordan 52%
    Qatar 54%


    The UAE Mobile Wallet Project is expected to see AED50 billion ($13.6 billion) in payments switched from cash to mobile, a 35 percent market share, within five years.

    Estimated Credit Card Penetration by Country

    Country %age
    Kuwait 97%
    UAE 89%
    Saudi Arabia 45%
    Qatar 45%
    Lebanon 15%


    Preferred online payment methods Middle East

    Payment Method %age
    Credit Card 45%
    Debit Card 11%
    Net Banking 9%
    Store Specific Card 3%
    Digital Payment System / E-wallet 1%


    Top MENA countries with highest ranking of Mobile Banking Adoption

    Country %age
    Saudi Arabia 60%
    UAE 52%
    Egypt 46%
    Jordan 40%
    Lebanon 31%

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